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Mercury Free and  Mercury Safe, Health-Oriented, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Dr. Heppler's practice is mercury free, mercury safe, and latex free and he is dedicated to the highest quality dental treatment for his patients. He delivers the highest quality dental services, while being sensitive to the need of every patient. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including custom smile design and smile makeovers.

Dr. Heppler's mission is to treat his patients in the most healthy, caring, holistic way possible and to share information about dental wellness with his patients so that they may make educated decisions about their oral health. He fully understands the important relationship of oral to overall health and realizes that; "You cannot be truly healthy without good oral health!"

Holistic dentistry is a philosophy that recognizes that the teeth and associated structures are a part of the whole body. Because of this important relationship, we offer a wide range of healthy treatment options. Because of his advanced dental training and emphasis on total health, Dr. Heppler takes a unique Whole Body approach to oral health care; combining sound dental science and technical experience with a deep concern for his patients’ physical and emotional well-being and comfort.

Our office offers a comfortable, safe, and established procedure for removing mercury amalgam fillings that are based on the recommendations of a number of prominent holistic dental organizations. Because we offer the latest in cosmetic dentistry we are also able to replace amalgam fillings with the best, safest, and most aesthetic dental material available.

As your Oral Health Doctor, Dr. Heppler is aware that mercury vapor and dental infections can have an effect on overall health. Because of this concern, we are a mercury free practice and we focus on patient education and strive to remove mercury amalgam (silver) fillings in a safe way.  For information about why it's important to use a mercury safe dentist, Click Here.

Our office offers a comfortable, safe, and established procedure for removing mercury amalgam fillings that are based on the recommendations of a number of prominent holistic dental organizations. Because we offer the latest in cosmetic dentistry we are also able to replace amalgam fillings with the best, safest, and most aesthetic dental material available.

His Whole Body, healthy philosophy stresses the use of non-invasive treatment whenever possible. He will also, when appropriate, work with qualified health professionals to assist him in his efforts to return the patient to optimal oral and overall health. His Holistic approach to dental treatment means that he treats the teeth, jaw, and related oral structures with specific regard to how that treatment will affect the entire body.

Dr. Heppler is a strong advocate of continuing education because it allows him to give you and your family the most modern, state-of-the-art dental care. Each year he takes many hours of continuing education courses and he has advanced training in many areas of holistic, cosmetic and traditional dentistry.

Our dental office uses modern, high-technology dental equipment and instruments. We offer many general and alternative treatment options and evaluations, including:

  • Digital X Rays
  • Preventive Dental Care and Education
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Full-mouth Rehabilitation
  • Cerec: Metal Free Crowns in One Appointment
  • Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation
  • Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Smile Designs & Makeovers
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Dental Implants and Implant Restoration
  • Mercury and Metal Free Restorations
  • TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Air Abrasion
  • Oral Surgery
  • Full & Partial Dentures
  • Oral Surgery
  • Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Heppler belongs to a number of prestigious dental organizations, including:

  • International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD)
  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
  • Washington State Dental Association (WSDS)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)

About Dr. Heppler

Dr.  Lance Heppler graduated from Oregon Health Science University in 1998 with honors. He immediately began working with his father in his cosmetic dental practice in Milwaukie, Oregon. During this time he also worked in several other dental offices to get a feel for the kind of dentistry he wanted to practice. In 1999 he purchased the existing practice of a retiring dentist near his home in Vancouver. He recently received his FAGD (Fellowship in the academy of General Dentistry), which demonstrates his personal commitment to keeping up on the latest advancements in Dentistry and is a distinction only 2% of Dentists nationwide receive! Dr. Heppler spends over 100 hours a year in continuing education courses to keep up on the latest developments in dentistry.


Our Staff
Our great staff is made up of dedicated, highly-trained, caring, and motivated professionals who work together as a team to bring you the highest quality dental treatment in a healthy, warm, and supportive setting.


We thank you for considering our office for your dental needs. We would be honored to add you to our list of satisfied patients and we encourage you to visit Our Website, to learn more about Dr. Heppler and the many services and treatments our office offers.  We take great pride in making your dental experience a positive one and invite you to experience your personal CD player, neck pillows, blankets, and warm chocolate chip cookies.

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A Personal Note from Dr. Tom

I consider Dr. Heppler to a very dedicated and highly trained mercury free dentist. He has continued to advance his dental skills by pursuing continuing education programs at the highest level in order to offer his patients the very best in modern dental treatment.

He is fully aware of the effect that oral health can have on overall health and treats his patients accordingly. Dr. Heppler has taken hundreds of hours of advanced training and is seriously committed to ongoing education. His advanced training in cosmetic and traditional dentistry and his concern for safely removing mercury amalgam fillings makes him ideally suited to remove and replace these fillings.

Dr. Heppler is a Charter Member of the IAMSD and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced and caring mercury free dentist. I also encourage you to visit his informative website for more information about dental practice. When you visit his office please let him know where you found out about him and be sure and say hello to him for me. Thanks!

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